Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning how to chow down

The clock strikes 6 months and we run to cupboards to prepare our Cookies first meal. While I am stirring in milk with her smashed banana I envision the moment of her slurping up her food and smiling in delight because this a milestone and I know she is going to love it. While Fausto is getting the camera ready, I change her into a cute onsie that has little carrots and peas printed all over it. Place her in the chair and here we go! Scoop the food onto the spoon and in her mouth it goes. She stares oddly at us and then gives a big frown. "YUCK" is what she was thinking. Um, okay. Our Cookie is not in love with food but everyday she will eat a little bit of rice cereal and some fruits or veggies on the side. She does enjoy sucking on citrus rinds. Of course she is not shy and will spit out anything she doesn't like. Little Ms. Spit Fire. So here we are in the world of first foods.